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AVALON SCOOTERS find & restores original Italy Piaggio Vespa& Innocenti Lambretta scooters and also customizes the old classic Vespas&Lambrettas to its customer's wishes. We are the full-time, professionally trained team that specializes in rotisserie restoration and service of classic scooters. With years of experience on Italian scooters, our mechanics restore them from ground up while keeping original look and operation. We take the scooters down to bare metal and inspect and restore everything from component level up to the final assembly. Every component of the scooter is visually inspected and tested to our high standards. With our high standards and factory specifications from our engineers, our scooters are fully-rebuilt to ride and show like new.

We are confident that we offer the finest quality restored classic scooters available, we export to enthusiasts worldwide, some keep and cherish them, others sell them on for twice the purchase price! We have repeat orders! We restore more show quality scooters for export than any other company here in Vietnam.

Did you know that you can get almost 200 miles between fill ups? WOW! Tremendous fuel economy provided by these 2 cycle scooters means "Real Value", especially in this energy crisis time. Why not order yours now. Check out our Vespa Inventory or Lambretta Inventory and see if we have one that sparks your interest.



From the love of the fifties and sixties with all her classic icons the inspiration was born to bring one of those icons to the present. A piece of nostalgia, esthetics and timeless design especially for the contemporary individual with a sense for style and exclusivity.

Avalon Scooters stands synonymous for elegance, luxury and craftsmanship. As the Italian tailor puts his clients in the centre of attention and wraps them in the mysticism of his craft so do we place the client at the centre of everything. Avalon Scooters understands that the client is looking for something unique.

At the core of our philosophy lies an emphasis on the propagation of personality in a elegant and stylish manner. Designing an extraordinary beautiful scooter together with the client combining the past with the present in a very personal and contemporary way. Exclusivity of the highest level !


Vespa lifestyle

Our scooters are unique and authentic. You won't find them on every corner of the street. For those that want their scooter to resonate their personality even more can have their creativity translated into reality with the help of our customizing department. Renovation and customization created this classic 1962-look Vespa model from 1972. This vespa can also be equipped with a 50cc engine or tuning to 225cc! Avalon Scooters not only wants to bring back the legend for the generations of the past but also to bring that icon to the present for the current generations to enjoy.

To be progressive, characteristic and contemporary with the all time icon of scooters in its most classic form is as unique as it gets. Your friends and family will admire and appreciate your originality.

Over 90% new parts installed, please click Here for our complete Parts List - REFUND if there's any part on the list not NEW...

So what are you waiting for? Come along and see the quality for yourself!










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