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Each scooter is restored and reconditioned to original specifications and is finished to an extremely high quality standard using many new parts you will read about below. All units are stripped down to their bare metal frame, re-aligned, then painted in a 5 step process (acid etch primer, anti rust treatment, high build primer, acrylic color and clearcoat) with ICI Paints, then re-wired & re-cabled. Before final assembly the engine is completely stripped, rebuilt and tested with a burn in due to the new parts used.


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1. Component Separation: This is essentially a pure shop time/labor charge. Each scooter is stripped down to its component pieces (bodywork, engine, etc.). It takes an average of 8 hours to complete this step, but for older, rusted, or otherwise badly damaged scooters, this time can increase exponentially. Then we thorough structural inspection of chassis to ensure no previous damage. Any damaged metal - e.g., often in the Vespa floorboard area or Lambretta rear license plate area - is fixed properly by welding in new metal, then any dings are fixed by hand, by hammer and dolly.

2. Paint Removal: We chemically strip the body to bare metal, creating the best possible surface for further bodywork. Next the steel of the bodywork is polished to a High finish, to remove any tarnish or oxidization.

3. Repainting: Scooters are repainted using a careful four-step process that will protect the metal and create a beautiful, long-lasting finish. Many colors are available to choose from, and the cost of repainting will vary with each restoration.






(quite a process but the end result is an absolutely perfect finish that lasts for many years, in fact ICI research quotes a 30 year life expectancy of paintwork!!!!)

4. Engine Rebuild: All external parts are bead blasted, all adjusters and external hardware replaced or zinc coated. We create a perfectly running engine, which will also look brand new.

5. Optional Powder Coating: Powder coating is a strong, long lasting finish applied to all the exposed metal parts of your scooter to protect and return them to their original chrome color.

6. Polishing/Chroming: We polish or chrome all the metal parts on the scooter. Polishing is a cheaper and more traditional method of restoration (especially for aluminum items) but we can chrome each item as well. All metal fender Crests, Switch Housings, Levers, Choke Knobs, Fuel Rods, etc...will be polished to a brilliant reflective finish.


7. Engine & Gearbox: While all the above is going on, the engine and gearbox are subject to a total rebuild. All our bikes receive all new bearings, gears (where worn), dyno, piston and rings, barrel, cylinder, carburetor, clutch, exhaust etc, etc… New seals and gaskets are used throughout. If we come across a stripped thread we do not simply cut a larger thread in like most people seem to… We repair and rethread to the original size. The casings are thoroughly checked, gently bead blasted and once given the thumbs up they are highly polished. This is a total engine and box rebuild, requiring the bikes to be run in.

8. New Parts: This is a step very difficult to average in price or labor. It is the replacement of all wearable parts of your scooter, the key to making any reconditioned scooter look like new again. EVERYTHING that is worn or old is replaced. This includes, but is not limited to: Cables, Wiring Loom, Rubber Grommets, Tires, Inner Tubes, Brakes, Switches, Switch Covers, Seat Covers, Seat Frames, Taillights, Headlights, Speedometer Face and Lens, Floor Channels, Endcaps, crankshaft cases and flywheel (12V magneto) and Locks as well as all new exterior parts. A relatively huge price variable is to be expected, as every scooter is treated differently and each requires a unique list of replacement parts. Please click
Here to view the entire new Parts-list, REFUND if there's any parts on the list not NEW...

9. Final Assembly: Once the painted frame and body parts are returned from our outsourced providers, the engine is rebuilt, and the powder coating and polishing are completed, we start the reassembly of each scooter. This is very labor intensive. It will include running brand new cables and a new wiring loom, rebuilding the forks, installing the engine, installing new floor channel kit, installing forks, and everything needed to deliver a superior vehicle. This is the most important aspect of the restoration and Avalon Scooters guarantees your satisfaction with the finished scooter.



10. Final Adjustment&Road Testing: We want your scooter experience to be an easy and enjoyable one. So All our scooters are road tested thoroughly (100miles+) to highlight any adjustments or fine tuning required. With a total restoration like this- adjustments are inevitable, cables stretch to their natural length, clutches and brakes bed in. Before shipping we adjust everything- check everything. Re-check everything. Only when we are completely satisfied with the above, the bikes have had their final wax, We then take them to the port to be crated individually and exported to their new homes!



Pictures of Restoration Steps

New floorboard is fitted by welding

To bare metal
Body Parts (bare metal) Full Body Alignment
Full Body Alignment Anti-rusted coat is applied
Stock area Stock area
Waiting to be painted Painting booth with re-circulation water system
Temperature controlled Bake Oven A 45' baking is required
After painting After painting
Engine after sand-blasting Inside too
Some stainless steel parts New parts (for Lambretta)
New parts (for Lambretta) New parts imported direct from manufacturers
New parts (for Lambretta) and more... Stainless steel&Chrome-works
Some crucial new parts Rubber&Cables
New tires We make these parts
This one too Waiting for assembling
Waiting for final adjustment&road testing Waiting for final adjustment&road testing


We use 


Over 90% new parts fitted, please click Here for our complete parts list - REFUND if there's any parts on the list not NEW...


Each of our bikes has an average of 1,870 man hours spent on them by a team of 38 enthusiasts. Highly trained, each with many years – if not decades of experience in restoration, most of our staff are proud Vintage Scooter owners and club members too!






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